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Hailing from the hills of Bergamo (Italy) 𝐖𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐒 𝐈𝐍 𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐔𝐌𝐍 5-piece nature-themed metalcore band crafting an evocative atmosphere through a powerful hardcore sound combined with immersive melodies, released their first singles trilogy between November 2019 and July 2020.

In summer 2022 they completed a savage venture into human nature by releasing "𝐓𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐌", their first EP and two new singles reaching more than half a milion streams and views combined among all digital platforms and playing shows in their hometown with the purpouse of building their Tribe while preparing what will be the next step.

In 2023 they will present a new face of this project with their new single “F**L***”, mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Alpha Wolf, Thornhill…) exploring new sounds and rock influences while keeping their heavy roots. .

Waves in Autumn 2023
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